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110 000 Movies

Blockbusters and fresh releases, art house, animated films — we have movies to fit every taste and mood. Watch high-quality movies online now or download them to watch later. Zona always finds the best variant but you can choose quality, size, audio and subtitles.

Films in Zona

14 000 Series

All popular TV series. From Santa Barbara to the Big Bang Theory. The episodes are allocated to the seasons so it’s easy to find required episode. Zona memorizes the moment where you stopped watching the episode last time and starts from this moment when you come back.

Serials in Zona

4000 Games

Only the best modern games. Download and play.
Trailers, screenshots, descriptions and install instructions are included.

Online games in Zona

300 TV Channels

TV Channels are broadcasted by Zona in real-time. No additional devices needed. Channels are subdivided into categories: from news and education to kidvid and adult. The line-up is also shown here.

TV Channels in Zona

1 000 000 Hours of Music

All music from Russian social network VK.com — bite off more than you can chew. All your audio is very easy to download with one click and copy to USB drive. So your favorite music is always with you.

Music in Zona

600 Radio Stations

Radio stations from all over the world. Choose music and programmes which fit your taste.

Radio in Zona

Sport Live

Specially for sport fans football, hockey, basketball, tennis, v-ball, boxing and other sport broadcast<br>takes place in Zona. You can watch and download latest matches too.

Sports broadcasts in Zona

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Some more Zona Advantages — Icing on the Cake

  • Fast client

    Download of movies and series is very fast thanks to millions of Zona users.

  • Watch online

    Download from any websites with Zona and watch before download is complete.

  • Design

    Three themes — choose the one that suits you best.

  • Notifications

    Subscibe for upcoming movies, series and sport broadcasts, so you don’t miss them.

  • Free and Fast

    All media entertainment on your computer for absolutely free with no viruses, trojans or malware. Fair and square.

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